Improve your “Skills” with DreamForge Anvil!

Writing Webinair

DreamForge is offering a Writing Basics in 3 Parts starting this month. Hone up your storytelling skills and get ready to submit, submit, submit!

To be a good writer... you have to have great skills.

I’m looking to take my writing skills up a notch in 2021, so I’ve signed up for DreamForge Anvil’s 3 part course on writing basics this month. The sessions are an hour long each and take place on February 20, 27, and March 6. Click the link above and join me.

Learn how to write a strong beginning, and keep a good pace in your narrative in the first session. (I always think my opening sentences could grab more.)

The second lesson focuses on story and character development.

Then the third helps writers craft story climaxes and endings. 

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