Over 50 short stories published

Anthologies, podcasts, comics, magazines.

The Mantelpiece Lit
April 2024

Losing Angel– A mystery featuring a fierce female protagonist with dementia. Someone has to find Angel. And Betty is determined… memory loss be damned.

We Are All Thieves-
AaN Press
April 2024

The Last Drop of Diesel– A critical storm coincides with the end of oil. A couple struggle to save a herd of cows in the aftermath.

The Dance-
Dark Dragon Publishing -April 2024

Jasmine’s Quantum Quandary – An exotic dancer jumps off a bridge, and ends up in three very different worlds.

Leadership Gone Right- Farthest Star Publishing
April 2024

Rosie’s Galactic Ring Hunt – Our intergalactic gambler has a mystery to solve… High pay, high risk. 

The Hangover & the Hag – What do you do when a demon steals your baby?

Wanderlust – A road trip with a succubus. Bloody LGBTQ+ fun

Lavonda’s Porpoise– Dive into the ocean and compete for your life. WARNING: Don’t underestimate the desperate granny.

Mystery Tribune
January 2024

The Mysterious Crate – Art, Death, and Deception at Sea. An ode to Poe’s The Oblong Box.

The Mantelpiece Lit
January 2024

This One Time at Band Camp – Sometimes revenge is best served musically.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
November 2019

Three Calendars – A detective with dementia. Angelique’s First Sale!

Haunted MTL
April 2019

Death Metal Fan – A possessed room fan whispers terrible things to a woman ripe for corruption. ** My first published story, and still a fan favorite. WARNING -its dark and weird.

Graveside Dining – Alma Smith talks to ghosts. What happens when a demonic soul crashes her date?

Oct 2022

Kutulu in the Desert – Cosmic Horror lurks in the Arizona Desert. Can one ex-military lady save the world?

Amazing Stories

ABACUS and the Android Blast-Off – Which model of robot will win this extreme test?

Project Cryptid Vol 4
Dec 2023

The Dead Seller’s Market – Who knew the real estate market was tough even as a ghost?

It Was All A Dream-
Hungry Shadow Press

Peggy’s Hungry Haunted Clown – This creepy clown is hungry for bad kids…

The Cosmic Background-
Feb 2024

The Sentient Sea of Sargassum– What happens when the red tide meets a voracious patch of seaweed?

Feb 2024

The Quantum Death Determiner– A steampunk murder mystery featuring Alma, the forensic investigator

21 Futures-
Konsensus Network
Dec 2023

The Baked Goods & Bitcoin of Skirophoria– In this future, cryogenically frozen criminals face justice.

Transitions Magazine-

A Midlife Flight– This mother has had enough. When is it time to save yourself?

Vixens of Horror: Vintage-Stitched Smile Publications -TBA

Lucy Deserves the Finer Things – What’s an older woman to do when her sugar daddy dumps her? A twisty vampire story.

Leadership Gone Right-Farthest Star Publishing

Rosie & the Galactic Ring Hunt– Our international gambler needs to find Dana’s ring.

Eggplant Emoji Vol 3-
Oct 2023

The Social Media Hunk– Can you fall in love with an Insta picture?

Faux Pas-
Mannison Press
Sept 2023

You’ve Got to Be Kitten Me & Kernel Cob– Two slipstream flash pieces guaranteed to delight. Sentient corn man anyone? Piers Anthony is in this one!

Triangulation: Seven Day Weekend-Parsec Ink
July 2023

The Time Modules– What will we do when we have all the time in the world? One wife is determined to save her husband from video game addiction.

Gypsum Sound Tales
July 2023

The Desert Monsters– My re-imaging of Poe’s “The Sphinx.” What are those massive Covid creatures in Arizona?

Max Blood's Mausoleum
Oct 2024

The Matron of Hawthorne Hall-A gothic Halloween Ghost Story

Tower - END
May 2023

Survivor House Promos– A series of scripts promoting a bloody reality show.

BookWorms - vol. 1
March 2023

What Slays in Vegas– A sapphic romp in Vegas where Zombies meet Vampires.

The Black Beacon Book
of Horror- Oct 2023

Quiver– A down-and-out cop meets a leech man, and the sparks and arrows fly.

Comic Crime, “Maisie in the Missing Ticket”, March 2023 

Heavy Metal Nightmares, “A Cold Slither Killing” March 2023

The Fifth Di…, “Lycaon’s Last Conquest” December 2022

Tales of Superstition, Fear and Doom. “The Knocked Up Nun and her Peculiar Hen” March 2023

After the Gold Rush – Third Flatiron , “The Last of the Gen-Xers” Fall 2022

Dream of Shadows, “Ogri Trips the Light Fantastic” Nov 2022 

Little Boy Lost, “Wyatt & The Whoa” June 2020

Pif Magazine, “The Trouble at Surfside Beach” Dec 2021

Allegory, “The Guanche, The Iguana, & the Kidnapping of Anita Brown” May 2022

Last Girl’s Club, “Lucy and the Cosmic Comet Ride” Fall 2021

Dark Dispatch, “Why Ride a Broom?” Dec 2022

Econoclash, “High Adventure” April 2021

Creepy Pod, “A Deadful Friday the 13th”

Coffin Blossoms – Jolly Horror “The Golden Falcon” 

The Other Stories – “MgSO4” April 2020

The Quarantines – Impulsive Walrus Press “Socially Distant Drinking” 

Tales from the Dream Zone “The Versa Vice”

Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses – Third Flatiron, “The New Mutants”

Strangely Funny VII, “The Writing Retreat”

Monsters We Forgot- Soteira Press, “The Rougarou”

Night Terrors – Scare Street, “The Metamorphosis”

DreamForge, “Invasive Species”

Strange Girls, “Personal Demons”

Pulp Modern, “A Time To Forget”

The Killer Collection, “A Midlife Storm”

Accursed- Jolly Horror, “Inked”

The Corona Book of Ghost Stories, “The Last Ride”

Demonic Carnival, “A Tasty Festival”