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Would you like to be your most productive, happiest self? Need a way to organize your time and get the most done every day? With daily quotes from inspirational women and brilliant minds. Here is my secret...

Happiness Tool

A Daily 10- Point To-Do List. A place to list three things you are grateful for. A section for your "big goal" (Mine: "I will be a successful author!) This version has more generic quotes geared towards achievement and happiness.

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With over 500 rejections and three years researching the market, find out how I overcame the “No’s” and finally found homes for over 30 short stories.

There is a lot to be learned here for the would-be published author. From networking to just having the fortitude to keep submitting, the ins-and-outs of the business, the insight into what various publishers might be looking for… you’ll find it here. To me, that is invaluable insight.

-Tara Grimravn on The Story Behind The Stories

The Guide of All Guides

Find the TOP Paying Markets to sell your short stories. More than 65 Magazines, Podcast, & Ezines.

The Story Behind The Stories

Take a deep dive into how to make money with your tales. Learn why publishers bought these 12 stories.

It’s the most detailed and thorough compilation of speculative fiction short story markets I’ve found.

-Henry L Herz on The Guide of all Guides

The Publishers Behind The Pages

Ten more intriguing tales, and some actionable advice on how to sell YOUR stories.
Right from the editor's mouth, find out why these stories were purchased.

The podcast!

Paying homage to old radio dramas like The Twilight Zone, and Tales from the Crypt, INTRODUCING, Read Me A Nightmare. Listen wherever you find your podcasts! 

upcoming projects

My goal for this year is to write SIX speculative novels featuring my vampire “leech man” Seth. Though I’ve had fun with my short story projects and podcast, I’ve yet to find out how to make any $$ chasing our strange passion for horror/fantasy. Stay tuned… I’ll let you know if I find the secret sauce.

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