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Wulf Moon & The Wulf Pack

a howling good kickstarter

One of my writing mentors is publishing a must-have book for speculative short story writers. Learn more about the enigmatic Wulf Moon and his vision for the future.

Julie E. Czerneda - Author

finding inspiration in biology

I love her unique way of creating monsters! 



An exclusive interview with this legendary writer

Catherine Weaver-Author

casting the speculative spell...

Catherine is a wonderful member of two of my writing groups, and my go-to when I need a writing partner. She is a published children’s author and shares her stories.

SA Bradley - Hellbent for Horror

why do we love horror?

What’s behind the thrills and chills?

David Hankins-Author Interview on Horrortree

He just won writers of the future.

“The Lost Bard” spills his award winning secrets

Janet Hutchings from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

solving the mystery, what does the world's leading mystery magazine buy?

I sat down with the editor of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and was thrilled with her candid and helpful answers. Find out what EQMM likes to buy and why! Publisher Interview

Scot Noel talks about "hopepunk" and DreamForge Anvil

DreamForge Anvil is looking for positive speculative fiction, and is providing an interesting market for authors to take a deep dive into improving their craft.

Ai Jiang -Author/Publisher Interview on Horrortree

TAking the speculative world by storm

An Editor at Orion’s Belt, Ai Jiang’s work can be found in top pro markets like S&SF, Uncanny and The Dark. 

Brandon Butler-Author/Publisher Interview on Horrortree

A sci-fi tarot card anthology is born...

Brandon Butler from T.Spec talks about his writing journey, first anthology, and helps writers hit the sweet spot.

Felipe Lichtenheld from Dream of Shadows on Horrortree

Writing in the grey zone

Giving stories a home that might lurk in the shadows. “A place for stories where the hero kicks the dog to save the cat.”


Horrortree Author/Publisher Interview

William Joseph Roberts & trailer park horror

Learn why these “cheesy b-rated creature feature horror stories” top the charts on Amazon!

Horrortree Author Interview

Jane Lindskold: creating successful fantasy

<–  Yes that’s a wolf…  Her fantasy has been howlingly successful. Learn how she made writing her full-time job.

Mythaxis Voice Actor Interview

Kristi Stewart - the voice of an angel... or a devil...

Kristi Stewart is a voice actor, media professional, and personal friend. If you’ve ever dreamed of doing voice acting yourself, these interviews are not to be missed. Publisher Interview

Eda Obey -a fierce voice for indie feminist horror

Try and keep up with this one! With multi-layered responses and references to things I-should-have-known-about-but-never-did, I learned a lot from this interview. A personal fav.


Horrortree Publisher Interview

patrick o'ryan: transforming fiction

With the creation of Medusa Tales, Patrick O’Ryan is creating a new space for stories that focus on transformation. Artist Interview

Tais Teng -His universe of the unusual

 A modern day renaissance man, learn about the exceptional career of this prolific artist.  He even created his own movement…


Horrortree Publisher Interview

todd sanders: surreal stories

Offering pro-pay, this publisher has been posting some of the most interesting calls in our community. Publisher Interview

Daniel Scott white -An unreal publisher

A publisher. An author. An adventurer. A music producer.  From the snow of Alaska to the beaches of Taiwan, Daniel Scott White has led a life so adventurous, he is my “Forrest Gump” of the writing world. Musician Interview

Looking for a musical trip? Climb aboard "airbus"

Nick Davidge talks about his band’s decades long experiments with music. Plus, how location affects musical tastes…

woman, clouds, sky Author Interview

Willow croft & the power of writing as a life raft

Willow Croft talks about finding inspiration in the genre of horror, and her career as a writer.

Horrortree Publisher Interview

Kade Draven Freeland and the world of dark fantasy.

The Common Tongue magazine offers a fantastical new venue for writers.

Horrortree Podcast Producer Interview

Jon Grilz and creepy Pod

Jon Grilz wondered… where are all the Creepy Pasta podcasts?

Horrortree Publisher Interview

JD Graves and fiction that pushes boundaries

There are characters that live on the edge of society. The strange, the shady, the dangerous, and the fringe… They also live in Econoclash. 

Horrortree Podcast/Creator Interview

Luke Kondor spills the blood on "the Other Stories"

This highly entertaining voice actor and co-creator of Hawk & Cleaver talks about their wildly successful horror podcast “The Other Stories” and how four guys created an empire of content. Musician Interview

Kelly Pidgeon AND creativity born out of tragedy

Read how a Naval Academy ring in the rubble of 911 created a band and a lifelong collaboration of musicians.


Horrortree Publisher Interview

Mat Clarke and his social writing group

It’s not easy trying to get a start as an indie writer. The World Writers Collective is a great place to connect, find free contests, and even have Mat Clarke design a website for you…

Author Pic1

Horrortree WIHM Publisher Interview

Michelle River and eerie river publishing

This Canadian entrepreneur talks about how she made her dreams of running an indie publishing house a reality. 

Horrortree WIHM First Reader Interview

autumn miller sinks her teeth into horror

Despite an unusual health condition, Autumn Miller spills the true tea about overcoming disability and her horror career.

Horrortree WIHM Publisher Interview

Sarah Glenn and humour in horror

Writer’s Block? Try working the Reports Desk for the Kentucky Cops. Sarah Glenn shares some hilarious true stories, and talks about her dark funny bone.

Horrortree WIHM Author Interview

Tara Grimravn & the Myths of the mountains

This fascinating author talks about the roots of her horror writing, and her multiverse steeped in mythology. Author/Publisher Interview

Christopher Fielden & making money with a writing website

Have you ever wanted to quit it all and just write? Here is an entrepreneur who actually took the plunge. Author/Publisher Interview

Deidre j. owen and the mannison mini-book

Not a short story. Not a novella. Learn about the mini-book and the foreword-thinking publishers behind its creation. Author Interview

Natalie Brown on being a fierce female in horror

See why this post was recommended in The Write Life’s 100 Best Websites for Writers 2021. Brown dishes the “true tea” about her Scary Snippets anthologies. Author Interview

Angeline Trevena & The magic of world building

Meet this UK-based fantasy author and learn how she creates her addictive settings! Author Interview

Meet sonnet, and learn about sexy writing

In my attempts to learn why some authors make money and others don’t, I found this fascinating author. Read about her success and secrets in the romance category.

italian, spaghetti, pasta Author/Publisher Interview

What is creepypasta? A chat with nick botic

Nick Botic used one of my stories in his anthology The Killer Collection, and it was fascinating getting to know this full-time author and podcast producer better. Publisher Interviews

Jonathan Lambert gets into the weeds with anthology production

Jonathan Lambert is one of my favorite people in horror publishing. Reading this interview will explain why. Honest, candid, and a true professional. Publisher Interviews

Jim Phoenix on hauntings and "punk" Horror

Looking for some good advice to get your horror story noticed? Phoenix is a true character in the Canadian publishing world. Publisher Interviews

Polly McCann & the creation of a small press

Editor and Publisher McCann talks about Flying Ketchup Press, and the process of getting a multi-author anthology from concept to print. Publisher Interview

frog jones talks about publishing in a pandemic

Impulsive Walrus Books has a great genesis story. Frog Jones shares his wacky tale. Author Interview

earthbound: An interview with Mari Collier

A look at the long and fascinating writing career of science fiction author Mari Collier. Publisher Interview

Diane Turnshek is on a mission to save the world

Parsec Ink publishes speculative fiction anthologies that grapple with some profound themes with far-reaching consequences for humanity.

mime, clown, expression Publisher Interview

scary clowns and Dave Higgins

Dave Higgins asks the question, “What scares a clown?”

alien, ufo, spaceship Publisher Interview

Juliana rew looks to a brighter future

Rew talks about her imprint Third Flatiron Publishing and the science-fiction fantasy anthology Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses. Publisher Interview

34 Orchard and the dark side of literary fiction

Kristi Peterson Schoonover discusses uncomfortable writing and the beauty of prose. Publisher Interview

Jemimah Halbert Brewster from underground writers

This Australian editor talks about the importance of feedback when considering stories and creating a space for emerging writers. Publisher Interview

azzurra Nox and women in horror

Promoting and using only female authors in her anthologies, Nox is creating a safe (and scary) place in her favorite genre for women to explore the darker side of fiction. Publisher Interview

Alec Cizak and fiction that pushes the boundaries

Alec Cizak produces a gritty and gorgeous magazine which features larger-than-life heroes, sexy sirens, imaginative villains, and hard-boiled detectives. Pulp Fiction is still alive…