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Zombies, leech people, ghosts, and fairies are just a few of the characters you’ll meet in the short story collections and podcasts below. Angelique has a tale lurking within everyone…

front-only it was all a dream
"Peggy's Hungry Haunted Clown" in It Was All A Dream

What horror trope is more overdone than that of the scary clown? And this one is hungry for kids... (tba)

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"The Metamorphosis" in Enter Madness

Seth my leech man finds himself a reprint home. (tba)

"The Social Media Hunk" at Eggplant Emoji vol. 3

We are so easily distracted in our selfie culture. But what happens when you see the perfect post? (Oct 2023)

"The Midlife Cocktail" in Transition Magazine

Sometimes you want to down a few drinks and fly right out of your life. (tba)

Triangulation, Greg Clumpner, Future stories
"The Time Modules" at Parsec Ink

What will we do when we have all the time in the world? One wife is determined to save her husband from video game addiction. (July 2023)

"The Sentient Sea of Sargassum" in The Cosmic Background

What happens when seaweed gets hungry? (tba)

"The Baked Goods of Skirophoria" in 21 Futures

This festival will cost you more than Bitcoin. It will cost you your %&*! (Dec 2023)

"You've Got to be Kitten Me & Kernel Cob" in Faux Paws

Two cute speculative romps with animals and creatures touched by magic. (Sept 2023)

"Survivor House Promos" in Tower

A series of TV scripts promoting a bloody reality show. (May 2023)

THE PASSAGE OF TIME - COVER FOR WEBSITE_resize.jpg.opt510x718o0,0s510x718
"The Desert Monsters" in Colp

A Poe-inspired descent into madness in the desert. (July 2023)

"What Slays in Vegas" in BookWorms

Vampires meet Zombies in a Vegas Casino. (March 2023)

"Quiver" in The Black Beacon Book of Horror

The adventures of Seth the Leech Man continue (Oct 2023)

"Maisie & the Missing Ticket" in Cosmic Crime

Everyone wants to leave Planet Ten! Except Maisie the Parakeet Robot. She has a plan. (March 2023)

"A Cold Slither Killing" in Heavy Metal Nightmares

Not all snakes have scales. Revenge is best served with a thrash. (March 2023)

"Lycaon's Last Conquest" in The Fifth Di...

A werewolf god has his heart stolen. (Dec 2022)

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 3.13.08 PM
"The Unidentified Climbing Object" in 34 Orchard

Where have all the neighborhood children gone? (Coming April 2024)

"Kutulu in the Desert" in DreamForge

Cosmic Horror lurks in the Arizona Desert. Can one ex-military lady save the world? (Oct 2022)

"The Knocked-Up Nun and her Peculiar Hen" in Superstition

When all you own is one dark, demon chicken... (Mar 2023)

"The Last of the Gen-Xers" in After The Gold Rush

It's hard being the guy who drives the gas-guzzling Cadillac in an enviro-friendly future...

"Ogri Trips the Light Fantastic" on Dream of Shadows (

A slipstream sci-fi fantasy where Ogri struts his stuff at an Intergalactic rodeo

A picture of a boy being eaten by a tree
"Wyatt & The Whog" in Little Boy Lost.

Narnia inspired... Wyatt is in for the adventure of his life.
PLUS. Piers Anthony has a story in here. PIERS ANTHONY! (June 2020)

"Three Calendars" in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

A Memento inspired murder mystery. Published in the same issue as CHARLAINE HARRIS. (True Blood)
Nov/Dec 2019 issue


"The Trouble At Surfside Beach" in Pif Magazine

Sharks aren't the most dangerous thing at this Texan beach... (Dec 2021)

"The Guanche, The Iguana & the Kidnapping of Anita Brown" on ALLEGORY

Who doesn't want to have a steamy encounter with an otherworldly man? (May 2022)

Eda Obey, last girls club
"Lucy and the Cosmic Comet Ride" in The Last Girl's Club

What if the Heaven's Gate Cult members had it right? (Fall 2021)

"Why Ride A Broom?" on Dark Dispatch

Pick up your whips, witches... (Dec 2022)

"High Adventure" in Econoclash

If you meet a Rasta Fairy in the forest... should you bring her home for dinner? (April 2021)

"A Deadful Friday the 13th" on Creepy Pod

This aired Oct 2021 in the 31 Days of Horror annual special for Creepy Pod. Take a listen... ps I also interview the creator to figure out how he gets more than a million downloads a month!

"The Golden Falcon" in Coffin Blossoms.

Don't spend the night in this trailer...

podcast horror, the other stories, flotation therapy
"MgSO4" podcast on The Other Stories

Try Floatation Therapy! The best part? No one can hear you scream... (April 2020)

"Socially Distant Drinking" in The Quarantales

You're going to have to grab a cocktail for this one...

"The Versa Vice" in Tales from the Dream Zone

This psychology experiment is going to go horribly wrong.

Interested in selling short stories yourself?

This book is where you start!

"The New Mutants" in Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses

It's the End of the World and obviously time for an enormous rock concert. Lord of the Flies meets Station Eleven. **This story is a Tangent Online Recommended Read for 2020.

"The Writing Retreat" in Strangely Funny

Where will you be when the zombie apocalypse begins?

"The Rougarou" in the Monsters We Forgot

Be careful how far from civilization you move. There's no werewolf quite like a Northern Ontario one.

"The Metamorphosis" in Night Terrors.

Polluted waters unleash a blood thirsty terror in a small Ontario town.

"Invasive Species" in DreamForge Anvil

This is the first story I ever wrote. 33 Rejections. 9 Revisions. Finally a semi-pro home. Humanity beware. It's raining alien bugs!

"Personal Demons" in Strange Girls

Take a road trip with a Succubus!

"A Time To Forget" in Pulp Modern

A futuristic legal hooker's fortunes are about to change...

"A Midlife Storm" in The Killer Collection

This couple's life only looks perfect.

"Inked" in Accursed

Be careful what you wish for. And beware of strange tattoos.

"The Last Ride" in The Corona Book of Ghost Stories.

An abandoned Ferris wheel will take you on the ride of your life.

"A Tasty Festival" in Demonic Carnival

A Sugar Maple Festival, Carnies, and Midway Rides with their own agenda. What could go wrong?

"Live Free or Die" in A Winter Selection of Short Stories

One man is about to be pushed to the brink...

"Death Metal Fan" on Hauntedmtl.com

Sex, murder, and a possessed room fan. You know you're intrigued. Read for free on-line. TRIGGER WARNINGS: Murder. Sex. Violence. Drugs.