Short Stories for sale

Sometimes you just want a creepy little story to settle down with..

Stay tuned for an anthology in the works showcasing some of my published tales, and the journey to find them a home. There will be great writing tips, a look at the current short story market, a guide to publishing yourself, and advice from anthology editors.

Here are a few of my short (and affordable) stories, available on Amazon.

A bite-sized tale of lust, lost love, and revenge…
Don’t trust that co-worker… she has an agenda.

The true story of Faith and I getting on a plane to Arizona, as the world shut down around us.

When it gets really hot out… time to fire up the murder and madness.
Social media controls everything. Can an illicit love affair survive?

This lucid dream is about to become a nightmare.

Who doesn’t want to ready about sassy swearing chickens who sing?