Scot Noel and the Human Adventure

Horrortree - May 30, 2023

Writing Advice from Scot: The perfect story generates a powerful emotion in me when I read it, and I either end the tale with a big smile or in tears. Tears not necessarily because it is sad, but because something powerful and resonating happened, like an affirmation that the future is not lost, humans are not doomed, and the Human Adventure is Just Beginning.

Oh, and don’t:


  • Start in Medias Res, especially if that means lots of explosions and chaos- don’t care.
  • Bore me with expositions and explanations that you think are world-building.
  • Misuse dialog as a way to make your point or an alternative way to exposit, instead of to reveal the mental state of the speaking character.
  • Use unusual names, words, or ways or speaking that do not make your story more engaging, but do provide a speed bump or road block to smooth reading.
  • DO keep the reader with the actions of the protagonist and engage us with their challenges and emotions as they face the problems you’ve set before them.

Invasive Species

Listen to the first story Scot bought from me, plus stick around for an interview with some salient and useful writing advice!